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  • 4in 1: 2.4G 3D air mouse, 2.4G wireless Keyboard and mouse, 6-Axis Somatosensory and Infrared remote control
  • Compatible with Android Smart TV, IPTV, Networked set-top Box, Mini PC, Android TV Box, HTPC, PCTV
  • Plug and play, operating experience with the current best 2.4GHz wireless technology, transmission distance up to 10 meters

Product Description

The GooBang Doo(TM) MX3 2.4G is multiple axes handheld pointing device for computer, which consists of 81 keys and a flying mouse. It’s able to transform the space movement of the human hand in the air into an accurate displacement of the screen. You only need to remote control in small angle up and down, the mouse pointer will follow precisely, the operation simple and smooth; Control playback and volume with hand motions. It applies to most: Android Smart TV platform, Android TV Box, computer, and HTPC. Its portable and tiny design can be used for travel, school, or any other working environment.

Support System:

1. Google/ Android OS
2. Mac OS
3. Linux OS
4. Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows CE, Windows Mobile


(1) Transmission and control: 2.4 G RF wireless radio-frequency technique;
(2) Sensor: 3-Gyro + 3-Gsensor;
(3) Amount of key: 81;
(4) Control distance: 10m;
(5) Battery Type: AAA*2;
(6) Working Power: Less than 10mA in the work condition;
(7) Standby Power: Microampere, almost no power, in line with the European “Energy star” environmental standard;
(8) Material: Plastic and silicone;
(9) Size: 172*52*19mm;
(10) Weight: About 100g;

Package Included:

1 * 2.4 G Keyboard with IR Remote
1 * USB Wireless Receiver
1 * User Manual

Important Note: As this is a universal controller, you might not be able to use some keys, which might be assigned for some other systems and devices.




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